North Carolina Office:

  254 N. Front Street, Suite 200

Wilmington, NC  28401

phone: 910.763.4414    fax: 910.763.4415

New York Office:     

We've moved:  211 Park Avenue, Suite 206    
Mechanicville, NY 12118    

518.664.5988    fax: 518.664.1220    



To request information on our domestic

adoption program or home study services,

please send an email request to

If you have questions you would like to

discuss with us, feel free to call Janice, the

director of Children at Heart, at

910.763.4414 -

she will be happy to answer any

questions you may have!

If you are seeking birthmother services,

call us any time (day or night!) at 910.763.4414.

If we are unable to answer your call, please

leave a message for us - we check our messages

on evenings and weekends, and we are

happy to meet with birthmothers at any time!